Churchwell colors are hunter green, navy blue, and white, and are available in the main office.

School Supplies

The staff at R. Clem Churchwell has revised the list of supplies that you now see on our webpage and FB page. The items on the list for your specific grade level are the ones we could not access.

Please make sure your student does have a refillable water bottle with his/her name clearly printed on it.

Please continue to check our webpage, as we will have updates that are important to you and your learner.

Visitor Policy

All visitors must be screened with picture I.D. in order to get a visitor’s pass.

Arrival & Dismissal

Student designated entry building (7:20)

  • Kindergarten & First graders will enter campus using the main doors to building 2.
  • Second & Third graders will enter using the main doors to building 1
  • Fourth & Fifth graders will enter using the main doors to building 3.

(All students may participate in the free breakfast program offered in their building)


  • No checkouts after 2:00 pm.
  • Parents, make sure you have your car tags clearly displayed.
  • Dismissal will be from the classroom. Please be patient as your student make it to their destination.
  • Your student will meet with their vehicle at the assigned cone (1 -15).
  • Walker will be dismissed to avoid any vehicular traffic.

If you alter the way your student departs campus, please notify the front office and teacher via the agenda/email.


Parents must stay in their cars to pick up students after school.

Whenever you change the way your child goes home, you must notify the teacher by sending a note in the agenda. Children are not allowed to go home a different way without a note signed by the parent or guardian.

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