Book A Trip On Route 66

This year in the library we are “Booking a Trip on Route 66” .  The students will be learning about America’s Highway and all the fun facts about each state.  We will travel to a new state each month and complete our journey in May.  Please ask your student which states we have traveled, and what fun and crazy tourist stops we have made in each state.

map of Route 66

Information about Getting a Public Library Card

Getting a library card is very easy.  As a resident of Polk County, library cards are available at no charge.  Parent or guardian of child will need to bring in proof of identification and residency, such as a valid driver’s license, utility bill or insurance card to their local library to get a library card.  Residents, property owners and business owners, employees and students of Polk County Public Schools and employees of Polk County Gov’t and Polk County college students may qualify for a free library card.

A Polk County library card is good at all 15 public libraries, including special collection libraries like the Historical Genealogical Library and Law Library located in Bartow.  We have a bookmobile making 13 stops throughout Polk County and B-Mail (books-by-mail ) offering free home delivery service (anything you can find in your library can be delivered to your home). To get the ball rolling, parents can go online to register for a library card (follow the link below) and pick their card up at their library.

You can register for a card online via this link.  This is a placeholder until you can get to the library to complete your registration; after a month, the account will close.

Boy in a green shirt holding a book about soccer

SSYRA Reading Lists

Each year a new list of 15 books is released called the SSYRA and SSYRA Jr. books.  SSYRA stands for Sunshine State Young Readers Association.  The SSYRA books are for grades 3-5 and the SSYRA Jr. books are for grades K-2.  Below you will find the list of each set of books.  All of the SSYRA Jr. books are being read in media class.

Accelerated Reader Home Connect

Home Connect is designed for parents to be involved by connecting from home to make personalized reading practice even more effective. By using Home Connect, students and parents are able to: See progress towards reading goals. Conduct book searches. ( Review AR quiz results. View the number of books read. Click below to visit Accelerated Reader Home Connect!

Sunshine State Readers logo - silhouette of child reading book next to palm tree
Sunshine State Readers

District Online Resources

Polk County Schools’ Library Media Services acknowledges the importance of maintaining access to current resources, building research skills, and developing digital literacy skills. Polk County Public Schools provides a variety of online resources for all our schools, such as Gale database resources, Accelerated Reader, World Book Web, and more! Visit the link below to see the full list of online resources.

Collage of Online Resources logos
Little Free Library logo - tree next to brown bench